Gadget, Strike and Dip

Strike and Dip Changes with Bonus Git Migration!

Sorry it has taken a while for me to post anything. With work, school, and the holidays, the last few months have been busy. I’m in the middle of a two week break between terms, and trying to make the most of it!

First off, there has been another platform change for the Strike and Dipper. The new MCU is the STM32F746ZG. This thing is a beast! 216 MHz, built in DSP, 1MB Flash, 320 KB RAM, more connectivity than you can shake a stick at. Hopefully it will be enough to run the WMM, which I tested and it froze. I still haven’t had a chance to figure out why. I’m getting funky errors in gdb that I haven’t had a chance to fix yet, so I’m flying without a debugger right now.

The other big change is the IMU. I’ve been having a ridiculously hard time getting the accelerometer data to integrate properly with the magnetometer data. I picked up a BNO055 IMU as a cheat. This guy has a built in Cortex M0 processor that does the integration for you and automagically spits out Euler angles, quaternions, linear acceleration, or just raw data for all 9 axes. I’m actually pretty happy with the library that I wrote for this one! It handles everything but the interrupts, which will be easily addable.

If you are looking for the library, the other big change has been from GitHub to Framagit. After Microsoft’s purchase of GitHub, I’ve been meaning to make the move, but with the need for a new repository, I finally made the leap. I’m trying to treat this one properly, too. I’ve got a list of issues, milestones, and the whole nine yards set up. I’m going to learn how to use Git properly if it kills me. And code documentation. Gotta get a handle on that, too.