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Silly little lamp, and starting port of Strike and Dip to the STM32F030R8

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I found a whole sheet of 100 WS2812s for $10 and a pack of two ESP8266s for $12 and couldn’t pass them up. Funky art time!

Big shout out to StackExchange for the colorFade function, and showing me that my means of separating out the individual color channels was really, really bad. I left it in since it’s mine and it works despite it’s inherent ugliness.  As always, at least recently, the code is up at GitHub.

I’ve also started on the porting of the Strike and Dip over to the STM32F030R8.  I’ve got a Nucleo on order and have started with block diagrams of the program.  I’m trying to do it up properly.  The first library I’m going to implement is logging.  Logging, people.  Like a grown up.  Updates to come.